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Day of Month Traffic Report

The Day of Month Report on the 2018 version how shows the weekday (Mon, Tue, Wed) on each day listed on the report so you can easily identify weekdays and weekends on the report.





Here is a short list of some of the new features available in the Comm One 2018 version.


Month Traffic Report

The Month Traffic Report on the 2018 version now shows the month name for each month shown on the report.





Mail Setup Utility

The 2018 mail setup utility now includes the ability to filter by additional call types as well as the ability to list up to 10 specified email addresses instead of the 8 addresses available in prior software versions.





New Buttons on All Report Definition Screens
All Report Definition Screens now include additional date range options so that you can easily select date ranges for your custom reports by just selecting the date range buttons on the right side of the screen.




Call Duration Traffic Report
The 2018 Version now shows full minutes for call duration on the Duration Traffic Report instead of just showing 01, 02, 03 as in prior software versions.





Frequently Dialed Summary Report
The Frequently Dialed Report on the 2018 version now has a column for IN or OUT so you can easily identify a frequently dialed number or caller ID as an incoming or outgoing call.





New Detail Report Options
The detail report options in the 2018 version now include the ability to filter by:

  • In-House Calls

  • Transferred Calls

  • No Answer Calls 

  • Dropped Calls

  • Voice Mail Calls




Time of Day Traffic Report
The TIme of Day Traffic report now shows full hour ranges instead of just showing 01, 02, 03 for each hour.  The BUSY HOUR is also identified so you can easily see when your busy call times are for the options you specify when you run the report.





New Reindex Utility
Version 2018 includes a new updated Reindex Utility that runs faster than the reindex utility in prior versions.





New Department File Options
When setting automated reports to go by department, you used to only be able to specify a single email address to receive the departmentalized report.  With the 2018 version, you can now enter up to 6 email addresses to receive departmentalized reporting..  




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