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FAQ-1005 How to Configure Norstar SMDR6 Unit


The Nortel Norstar SMDR6 Configuration settings are as follows:

  1. First, select FEATURE 9 * 2 to access the SMDR6 Programming.  If you get a printer error that just indicates you are not collecting SMDR yet.  If you get an error indicating that the device doesn't exist, then your SMDR6 isn't connected to your Serial port or the power cord has been unplugged.

  2. When you do the initial FEATURE 9 * 2 Command the response you get indicates the status of the box as follows:

    1. SMDR ADMIN - The Phone System can see the SMDR Box and the SMDR Box can see the com port on the PC.  If the call capture utility isn't running, then you will get a PRINTER PROBLEM error.

    2. PRINTER PROBLEM - The Phone System can see the SMDR Box but not the capture utility.  Check the serial cable and that you are collecting on the right com port and that the call capture utility is running.

    3. INACTIVE FEATURE - The phone system cannot find the SMDR Box.  It is either unplugged from power, or it is not connected to a digital extension port on the Norstar.  Make sure the wall plug is connected the JACK port on the SMDR6 and not the PHONE port.

  3. Select NEXT

  4. Select CHANGE and select a baud rate of 9600 Baud or higher. You will need this setting to Program the call capture utility. Then select NEXT.

  5. If the format shows SL-1 select CHANGE and select NORSTAR. Then select SHOW and select CLID. Then select NEXT.

  6. There are other options, but you don't need to change them. Select QUIT or RLS to exit the programming.



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FAQ-1005 How to configure Norstar SMDR6 Unit

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 02/13/2021

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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