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Grandstream CDR Real-Time Settings for Comm One Integration


Here is how you configure the Grandstream CDR Real-Time Output Settings

1. Log into your Grandstream control panel

2. Select STATUS

3. Select CDR

4. Select API Configuration.

5. Select CDR-Real-Time Output Settings

6. Enter the Call Capture SERVER IP Address (Static IP)

7. Enter the SMDR Port Number (We use port 9000 as the default)


Here is a list of call accounting fields that are supported by Grandstream System


  1. Account ID
  2. Account Code
  3. Source
  4. Destination
  5. Destination Connect
  6. Caller ID
  7. Channel
  8. Destination Channel
  9. Last App
  10. Last Data
  11. Start
  12. Answer
  13. End
  14. Duration
  15. Bill Seconds
  16. Status
  17. AMA Flags
  18. Unique ID
  19. U-Field
  20. Extension
  21. Trunk
  22. Service
  23. Caller ID Name
  24. Recording Path
  25. Destination Answer
  26. Channel Extension
  27. Destination Channel Extension
  28. Session
  29. Action Owner
  30. Action Type
  31. Source Trunk Name
  32. Destination Trunk Name

Comm One Call Accounting Software

Technical Support

PO Box 759 | 1390 E Meadow Valley Dr

Draper, UT  84020

(800) 771-9182

FAQ-1674 Grandstream

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 12/08/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support


     There are two methods for capturing call data from Grandstream for input into Comm One Call Accounting Software.  One is to use the CDR HTTP API Settings, and the other is to use the CDR Real-Time Output Settings.  The preferred and easiest method is to use the CDR Real-Time Output Settings on the Grandstream System.

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