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Allworx - Comm One Call Accounting SMDR / CDR for Allworx Phone Systems

Comm One Software for Allworx

Comm One Call Accounting JR25 IP for Allworx

Comm One Call Accounting JR50IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO100IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO250IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO500IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO1000IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO2500IP for Allworx
Comm One Call Accounting PRO5000IP for Allworx

Capture Method: TCP/IP Capture on Port 16366

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Allworx Models 
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Operating System: Any version of Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server
Hardware Requirements Minimum Hardware Requirements
Comm One Call Accounting Download for Allworx


Comm One® Call Accounting is a full featured Call Accounting Software package designed for medium to large businesses.  We support traditional serial call capture as well as TCP/IP Call Capture from IP Enabled Phone systems.  It includes complete tracking of all inbound and outbound call records and includes the ability to bill for additional port, set, and other charges.   It can be used to track telephone all incoming and outgoing call activity from all of the phones on your system.


  • Versions available for phone systems with 25 to 5000
  • Control multiple sites and PBX systems from a single location
  • Manage telecommunications budgets on an individual, department, or project basis
  • Bill Toll & Overhead
  • Manage trunk activity
  • Decrease toll fraud and telephone overuse
  • Maintain carrier specific rate information and mileage tables
  • User-defined fields for adding your own cost types
  • Supports unlimited number of trunks
  • Supports multiple numbering plans
  • Allows unlimited number of account codes and departments
  • Compliant with NANP (North American Dialing Plan)
  • Monthly Area Code Table subscription is available
  • Report to Screen, Printer, PDF or Ascii
  • Track Extension, Name, PBX Port Address, Active Status, Division, Department, Installed Date, Removed Date, and Last Edit Date
  • Up to 14 User-Defined Directory fields for tracking additional information such as Employee Number, Building, Room, Jack, Cell Phone, Pager, Fax, Mail Stop, Class of Service, Class of Restriction, Auth Code, and more 
  • Up to 10 User-Defined Monthly Overhead fields for tracking monthly overhead charges including Port Charge, Set Charge, Voicemail, and other charges you define
  • Supports caller ID on incoming calls