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Our Customers

     We started developing Comm One Call Accounting Software in 1989 and Comm One was incorporated in 1991.  Since that time we have been providing Call Accounting Solutions to over 10,000+ companies worldwide.   We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding how Comm One Call Accounting can increase the productivity of your workforce and increase your ability to manage how your employees spend their time on the telephone.

What our customers are saying...

"Yes, the issue that I had was taken care of, and the system is running great! At this time.  I have no questions for you…. you took care of all my matters and more…. you are the best,  whenever I need help you are there for me right away."
Thank you!

Belinda, Los Angeles 



"I have used Comm One’s phone accounting system for years. It is the best investment I have ever made in my business. I use it to make sure I have captured all of the time I can and it is billed.  By using this software I have been
able to make sure I have not left any revenue on the table and have seen my profit margins increase drastically."

Thank you Bob and Comm One.

 Steven L Shapiro, CPA




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