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New Calendar Pop-up available on all Comm One 2021 report dialogs.

New Find Dialog.JPG

New Add Extension Dialog

calendar popup.JPG

New Top Menu Bar


We are pleased to announce the release of Comm One version 2021 on 06/01/2020.  The new version includes a bunch of new features and reporting options and we think it's the best version of Comm One yet.   Here is a partial new feature list:

  1. Updated installation utilities for Windows 10

  2. Over 400 New Report Options

  3. Updated quicker send email utilities

  4. New Screens, Icons & dialog boxes 

  5. New AUTO-SAVE features system wide to make database more reliable

  6. New feature saves last report date selected for next report you run.

  7. Added upgrade from 2019 wizard to simplify installation of existing systems.

  8. Added LogMeIn Rescue shortcut to the Comm One Folder to easily request support

  9. Added VIEW FTP & VIEW ASTERISK shorcuts to utilities sub-folder

  10. New Company Summary Report showing

    • Total Calls​

    • Most Recent Call

    • Total Extensions

    • Total Departments

    • Total Divisions

    • Total Sites

    • File Size

    • Disk Space Available

    • # of Log Files

  11. Fixed Bug on 5 minute Traffic Report - Minutes was 1 digit instead of 2 for 05 min​

  12. Fixed Bug on Area Code Traffic - Removed Extension label

  13. Fixed Bug on Long Duration Call Report so that it pops in full screen

  14. Fixed Bug on Call Duration Traffic Report - Sorting Error

  15. Fixed Bug on auto scripting using LASTMONTH in January

  16. Fixed Bug on some report dialogs / updated field tab order

  17. Fixed Bug on top menu bar where it wasn't disabling on some report dialogs

  18. Fixed Bug on DNIS Summary report

  19. Fixed Bug where some screens didn't have dialog size set

  20. Fixed Bug where a few dialog boxes were pointing to older versions of Comm One

  21. Fixed Bug on Station File Reports not disabling the bottom menu bar

  22. Removed need to click when running email test from mail setup utility

  23. Installer now automatically runs as Administrator, don't have to right click

  24. Disabled top menu bar when splash screen is showing

  25. New FIND dialog for all file edit screens

  26. Added Comm One Logo to main screen - clicking it sends you to HELP on the website.

  27. Added Calendar pop-ups to all reporting Utilities including:

    • Detail Reports​

    • Summary Reports

    • Traffic Reports

    • Caller ID Reports

    • Call Center Reports

    • Auth Code Reports

    • DNIS Reports

  28. New Scripting language for customizing command line automated email reporting.  New scripting commands include:​

    • set_date_allcalls.exe - Set script date range to all calls

    • set_date_last7.exe - Set script date to last 7 days

    • set_date_last10.exe - Set script date to last 10 days

    • set_date_last14.exe - Set script date to last 14 days

    • set_date_last21.exe - Set script date to last 21 days

    • set_date_last30.exe - Set script date to last 30 days

    • set_date_thismonth.exe - Set script date to this month

    • set_date_lastmonth - Set script date to last month

    • set_date_today - Set script date to today

    • set_date_yesterday - Set script date to yesterday 

    • set_format_csv - Set file format to CSV

    • set_format_pdf - Set file format to PDF

    • set_format_xls - Set file format to Excel

    • set_email_user - Set email automation to use extension email address

    • set_email_department - Set email automation to use department email address

    • set_email_specified - Set email automation to use specified email address

    • set_email1 - Set specified email address 1

    • set_email2 - Set specified email address 2

    • set_email3 - Set specified email address 3

    • set_email4 - Set specified email address 4

    • set_email5 - Set specified email address 5

    • set_email6 - Set specified email address 6

    • set_email7 - Set specified email address 7

    • set_email8 - Set specified email address 8

    • set_email9 - Set specified email address 9

    • set_email10 - Set specified email address 10

    • set_validation.exe - Set email automation validation string

  29. Updated ToolBox & Mail Setup Utilities​

  30. New Batch Files for report automation

  31. All Report Sorting options have been added to all reports (over 400+ sorts added)

    • ​​Added calendar pop-up for start and end dates
    • Added sort by # of calls

    • Added sort by duration

    • Added sort by average call

New Department File Maintenance Screen

New Search/Find dialog available on all Comm One 2021 report dialogs.

New Add Dialog.JPG
NEWSLETTER HEADER 2019-03-25.jpg

New Version 2021

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