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FAQ-1018 Support Terms & Conditions

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The Annual Maintenance Agreement is to assist you with questions relating to the operation of any Comm One Software Product. Support Services are provided using our LogMeIn Rescue account online. Initially, 1 year (12 months) of Free Technical Support is included with the purchase of any Comm One Software Product.

The Annual Support Agreement includes:

  • Unlimited Support for 12 months

  • Software Updates for 12 months

  • Version Upgrades (New Version released every January)

  • Email Account to use for Report Automation

  • Area Code Prefix Updates

The Annual Support Agreement is renewable for subsequent periods. End Users not covered under a support agreement can still get support but they will be charged $99/hour with a 30-minute minimum billed in 15-minute increments.



Customized programming services are not covered by this agreement but are available for a fee of $125/hour. This includes all modifications to screens or formats after the system has been installed. Written documentation for the system will be provided for all modifications. Modifications or enhancements are subject to the terms of the standard Comm One Software License Agreement.


On-Site Support services are not covered by this agreement but are charged at our standard hourly rates.


In order to receive Technical Support, you need to have high-speed internet on your Comm One computer so we can access your system with our LogMeIn Rescue account.


All products and services are billed upon receipt. Fees for training or support are due at time of service. All customized programming is due prior to installation. Customer agrees to pay any an all reasonable collection and or court fees associated with collecting amounts due on this sale. Any applicable sales taxes, other taxes, or any other fees or licenses required to do business in your city, county, state, or country will be billed in addition to the amounts due.


All work done under this agreement is subject to the Comm One Software Agreement. The terms and conditions of this agreement supersede any other terms or conditions related to this proposal.


Normally there are no local, county, state, or federal fees, permits or taxes required to do a software installation of this type. However, if any such fees, permits, or taxes are required on this project, the end-user, not Comm One, will be responsible for any additional costs associated with any such fees, permits or taxes. This contract does not cover such sees, permits, & taxes and they will be billed in addition to this contract.


Comm One is not responsible for ANY delays caused due to hardware configuration, telephone system issues, software and hardware compatibility, or re-configuring hardware. If delays due to hardware cause additional travel or labor expenses, this contract does not include such costs and they will be billed in addition to this contract


Comm One Call Accounting Software

Technical Support

PO Box 759 | 1390 E Meadow Valley Dr

Draper, UT  84020

(800) 771-9182

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Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/08/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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