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FAQ-1463: Allworx Call Accounting Fields

Here are a list of the SMDR data fields that are supported by the Allworx Telephone System.


  1. CALL ID:  A unique designator for a call

  2. CALL LEG:  Unique designator for leg within a call

  3. IS-LIVE:  Designator for start or end of call

  4. START TIME:  Time stamp for the start of the call in UTC Time

  5. SOURCE DEVICE: Source trunk type or port type

  6. SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Description of calling service

  7. CALLER ID NAME: Caller ID Name for Incoming Call

  8. CALLING PARTY NUMBER: Caller ID Number for incoming call

  9. DESTINATION DEVICE: Description of receiving device

  10. CALLED PARTY NAME: Description of party being called

  11. CALLED PARTY NUMBER: Extension for an outbound call or caller id for an incoming 

  12. AUTHORIZATION CODE: Code or pin used to place a call

  13. DTMF: Digits dialed during a live call

  14. TERMINATION CODE: source or destination party for leg of call

  15. SCOPE: Code to indicate internal or external call at termination

  16. Name for Dialed Number

  17. DNIS NAME:

  18. DNIS NUMBER: Dialed Number




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FAQ-1463 Allworx Call Accounting Fields

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 02/13/2021

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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