FAQ-1364: How to Remove Deleted Records



When you DELETE a record from any of the Comm One files using the menu options it does not permanently delete the record. Instead, it marks it for deletion. To remove the deleted record from your system you need to run the REINDEX option location under the top menu bar TOOLS option.

If you select the DELETE option and delete a station or department record using the DELETE button on the bottom menu bar the record will show a DELETED tag in RED and the delete button on the bottom menu bar will switch from delete to recall. This indicates the record is marked for deletion. If you deleted the record in error you can select RECALL and the record will be un-marked for deletion.

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After you run the REINDEX process under the top menu bard the record is permanently deleted and you are unable to recall it. Deleting records this way gives you a chance to UN-DELETE a record in case you accidentally delete something you didn't want to delete, or you change your mind.



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FAQ-1364 How to Remove Deleted Comm One Records

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 02/19/2019

Author: Comm One Technical Support




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