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FAQ-1014: Multiple Site Call Collection



Yes, Comm One Supports multiple sites Call Accounting Jr. and Call Accounting Pro. Call Accounting Lite is a single site system. Comm One Call Accounting can download call records from multiple phone systems and consolidate them so that reports can be run from a single system. Comm One Software is licensed based upon the number of extensions and sites you have.



There are a number of different methods for getting call records from your remote sites back to the main Call Accounting System so that the calls can be processed and reports can be run. Your options are:

  • MULTI-SITE IP COLLECTION: Our IP Collection utility is capable of collecting call records from multiple sites as long as the phone systems and the PC are on the same network subnet. If the remote sites are on a different subnet, then you may need routes configured in your router or firewall to route the remote sites back for collection.

  • NETWORKED SMDR: Some telephone systems support Networked SMDR where all call records come out of the Main PBX even though there are remote sites connected. Please contact your phone vendor or Comm One Representative to see if your system supports this.

  • USING PCs AS BUFFERS: You can use a computer to buffer call records at your remote phone systems. Each site would have a networked PC connected to each phone system. Each PC would run Comm One’s Call Capture Software CA_TERM.EXE. By mapping each of the remote PC’s drives across the network, calls can be automatically downloaded to the main site for processing.

  • USING MEMORY BUFFER BOXES: Comm One also sells Scannex and Asentria Memory Buffers which support telephone or IP download of call records from the remote phone systems.

  • USING SERIAL TO IP CONVERTER BOXES: Comm One also sells small Serial to IP conversion boxes that connect to the SMDR port on the remote phone systems. The other end of these boxes connect to your internal network. You are then able to see each remote site as a standard serial port on any PC on the Network that is configured to see the phone system SDMR ports. These boxes are under $200 and you can connect up to 255 of them on one network.




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FAQ-1014 Multiple Site Call Collection

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