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FAQ-1236 Call Capture Methods Available




Comm One has various methods for capturing call data. The method you use depends on the telephone system that you have. Different telephone systems send call records differently.


  1. Serial Call Capture Utility 
    This Capture Method involves running a serial cable between the SMDR Port on the phone system and the Serial Port on a PC. When a call is completed, the call data is sent from the phone system to the PC and captured to a log file. This method requires that a user be logged in and running the capture utility in order to capture calls.

  2. Advanced Serial Capture
    The Advanced Serial Capture is a different version of serial capture that runs as a service in the background. As long as the PC has power, the calls
    be captured and the capture does
    not depend on the end user being logged in and running the capture program.

  3. Advanced IP Capture
    This capture method is similar to the Advanced Serial Capture except that calls are captured over the network using TCP instead of serial. This utility also runs as a service in the background.   


  4. Memory Buffer
    Using a memory buffer increases the reliability of call collection because memory buffers have no moving parts. They will also continue to capture calls even if your computer is turned off. The buffers can collect serial or IP Call data and you can pull those records down toa main computer for processing. Buffer's work well in situations where you do not have a computer near the phone system to capture the call data.   


  5. PBX Saves the Call Records Directly
    Some telephone systems come with utilities to capture and save call records directly to your computer.   


  6. FTP/SFTP Capture
    Phone systems like Cisco use FTP/SFTP to capture records from the phone system.   


  7. Download Call Records from Hosted VOIP Website
    The last method for capturing calls is to pull call records using a website download utility. Many hosted VOIP phone systems use this method for capturing call records.

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FAQ-1236 Call Capture Utility Options

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 02/11/2021

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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