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Windows Scheduler Could Not Start Error

Comm One uses Windows Scheduled Tasks to automate daily call processing and report email automation tasks.  Each scheduled event in the Windows Task Scheduler has an associated
username and password that the system uses to run the event. If you change the password on a login that is used for a scheduled event, you also have to change the password on the scheduled event. If you don’t, the scheduled tasks will stop running. To verify this, you can look at the DETAIL VIEW of the Task Scheduler and the STATUS bar will show the phrase “COULD NOT START”. This indicates that an incorrect username/password combination is in use on the scheduled task.



  1. Start the Windows Task Scheduler. 

  2. Next, Right click on the Comm One Call Processing task and Select Properties.

  3. You will be shown the scheduled event details similar to the screen at the right.

  4. Verify the RUN AS name as a valid username on your computer.

  5. Click on the SET PASSWORD Icon and type the password twice. This should be the Windows password associated with the login name shown under the RUN AS.

  6. Select APPLY, the OK to return to the Scheduled task screen.

  7. Test the event by right-clicking on the event and selecting RUN


You can also set most tasks to run under the SYSTEM login.  Just change the RUN AS name to SYSTEM and you don't need to supply a password.  The task will run in the background under the system account so you won't see it running, but since it doesn’t' have a password it will never expire and trigger this error.

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FAQ-1002 Windows Scheduler "Could Not Start" Error

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 02/13/2021

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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