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FAQ-1618 Printer Setup

     There are no printer drivers in Comm One Call Accounting.  All Printer Control with Comm One Call Accounting is controlled by the Windows Operating System.  As with other Windows Applications, you set up your printer from the standard Windows Utilities.  The Comm One Call Accounting Software uses the printer definitions from Windows.  Once a printer is defined using windows, you can use the printer set-up utility from within Comm One to specify printer, paper size, orientation, etc.


     When the Comm One Call Accounting starts, it will default to the default windows printer you have selected.


     To access the printer settings from Comm One, start Call Accounting and on the top menu bar  select FILE / PRINTER SETUP.


How to configure printer setup in Comm One Call Accounting

Comm One Call Accounting Software Technical Support

FAQ-1618 Printer Set Up

Updated 02/29/2024

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