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FAQ-1629 Domestic Cost Table


The Domestic Cost Table is used to define call costing for your system.  When the call processing runs, the system costs the calls as follows:

  1. Call types are identified. 

  2. If the call is long distance, the trunk group used to make the call is identified 

  3. Next the system looks to see which Domestic Cost Table

Each Trunk Group can have its own Domestic Cost Table, or you can assign the same table to all of your Trunk Groups.  The Domestic Table can cost calls by mileage, or you can cost the calls with a flat rate.


  • Code - The Domestic Cost Table Code for this Cost Table. This table is used to build the popup box that you use in the Trunk Group file to specify which cost table to use for each Trunk Group

  • Description - The Description of this Cost Table

  • Define Hours - The Define Hours Routine allows you to customize what hour of the day uses the Day, Evening or Night Rates. In the Define Hour Routine, there are 23 columns for each day of the week. For each hour of the day, you specify D (Day), E (Evening) or N (Night) for all 23 hours in the day for each day of the week. For example, if Monday for the Default Table contained "NNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDEEENN", this would specify Night rages for midnight through 7:00am. Then Day rates would start at 8:00am, until 18:00pm where it changes to Evening (E) Rates.

  • Miles - Each time a long distance call is identified, the system calculates the mileage of each call. Using that mileage calculation, the system is able to apply the correct cost to each call. For example, using the above table, 42 mile calls are all costed at .04 per minute regardless of the time of day.

  • Day Rates - Day Rates allow you to specify the first minute and additional minute for long distance calls made on trunks assigned to this table based on the hours defined in the Define Hours Routine

  • First Minute - Costs to assign to the first minute based on mileage and time of day.

  • Additional Minute - Cost assigned for each additional minute for long distance calls.

  • Evening Rates - Separate rates for calls made in the evening.

  • Night Rates - Separate rates for calls made using night rates as defined in the table.


Comm One Call Accounting Software domestic cost table maintenance

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FAQ-1629 Domestic Cost Table File Maintenance

Updated 02/29/2024

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