FAQ-1681 Add # to Caller ID File

Step 1: Add New Company

1. Start Call Accounting Software

2. Select EDIT Menu from the top Menu Bar


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4. Select ADD on the bottom toolbar and add the new company name​

5. Then Select OK To Save the Company Name

6. Select EXIT to exit back to the main screen.

7. Next you need to add the phone number and assign it to the new company name that you just created.

8. From the main screen select EDIT

9. Then Select CALLER ID / ANI FILE

10. Select ADD on the bottom menu to add a new number.

11. Enter the new number to add and select OK

12. Next open the COMPANY dialog and assign that number to a company

13. Last, select EXIT to exit the caller id file to return to the main menu.​

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FAQ-1681 Add to Caller ID File

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 04/01/2019

Author: Comm One Technical Support




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