FAQ-1632 How to Delete a Station


Deleting an extension in Comm One is a two-step process.  First, you mark the extension for deletion, and then you run the REINDEX process under the TOOLS menu to remove deleted records from all database files.

Navigate to the extension you want to delete and then either select the DELETE option 
from the bottom tool-bar, or select EDIT / DELETE STATION.


Next, you will be prompted if you really want to delete the extension.  Select YES to continue with the delete process.


Next, you will be prompted if you want to delete the call records in the current call file for that extension.  It's your choice to select YES or NO to that prompt.

The last step would be to go select the TOOLS Menu from the main screen and run the REINDEX process.  This will remove any records you have marked for deletion.


Before you run the REINDEX process, you can UN-DELETE the extension by selecting RECALL on the bottom menu bar.  Any record that has been deleted before the REINDEX process
willrunwillbe show as RECALL on the bottom menu bar where the DELETE option normally shows.


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FAQ-1632 How to Delete a Station (Extn)

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 03/31/2019

Author: Comm One Technical Support




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