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FAQ-1622 Trunk Group File Maintenance

The Trunk Group File allows you to maintain your trunk group numbers.  Calls are costed based upon the carrier assigned to the trunk group that is used to place the call.  If your system only uses trunks and not trunk groups, set up your trunks in the Trunk Group File.

When call processing is running, the system looks at the Trunk Group that is used to make each call.  If your system does not use Trunk Groups then the system looks at each individual call.  In this case, you need to set up each Trunk in the Trunk Group File.  Once the Trunk Group is identified, the system looks at the carrier that is assigned to the trunk as a basis for costing calls.  The call duration is then calculated and cost of the call is assigned based on the carrier rates.  You can have different carriers assigned to different groups to cost your different types of trunks at different rates.


  • Trunk Group - The group name assigned to this trunk group. This field is used to build the trunk group popup box used other places in the system.

  • Name - The name assigned to this trunk group

  • Type - the type of trunks used in this group

  • Vendor - The carrier for this group. This table is built in the Domestic Cost Table.

  • Cost - Specifies if calls made on this group should be costed or not.

faq-1622 Trunk group file maintenance sc

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FAQ-1622 Trunk Group File Maintenance

Updated 02/29/2024

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