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FAQ-1623 Trunk File Maintenance


As call logs are processed the system will automatically build the Trunk Group File, the Trunk File, or both, depending upon which PBX you are using. By doing this you do not have to worry about setting each trunk or trunk group up prior to using the system.  The Trunk File allows you to set-up and track each trunk that is used to make calls in your system.  Trunks are assigned to Trunk Groups and costed based upon which carrier is assigned to the trunk group.  If your PBX does not include the Trunk Group number in the SMDR string, set up each Trunk Number in the Trunk Group File.



  • Trunk - The number (alphanumeric) assigned to this trunk

  • Description - The description of the trunk

  • Trunk Group - The trunk group to which this trunk belongs. Calls are costed based upon carriers assigned to trunk groups. If your PBX uses only trunk numbers on the SMDR output, then you need to set up your trunks as trunk groups instead of trunks so that costing can be done accurately.

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FAQ-1623 Trunk File Maintenance

Updated 02/29/2024

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