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FAQ-1631 How to Add a New Station (Extn)


By default, the Comm One Call Accounting will add a new extension whenever it sees one during the nightly call processing scripting.  Most users do not need to add extension numbers.  If your system has been customized so that it doesn't automatically add extensions then you can add a new extension by selecting ADD From the bottom menu bar, or selecting EDIT from the top menu bar and then ADD NEW STATION.

You will be prompted for the extension to add and you will receive a notification if the extension already exists.  The system will allow you to have duplicate extensions but you should do so because it will cause your summary reports to be inaccurate.



  1. Select ADD from bottom Menu Bar

  2. Enter the Extension to add

  3. Select OK

Comm One Call Accounting add new extension screen

Comm One Call Accounting Software Technical Support

FAQ-1631 How to add a new extension (station)

Updated 02/29/2024

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