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FAQ-1621 Edit Department File

The department file is used to maintain the department information for your company.  By splitting your extensions into departments, you are able to print departmentalized reports so that you can analyze department usage.

Department options are available in the station file as well as most of the report screens.  Using the departmental options, you can easily run reports for a single department.


  • Dept Name - The full department name

  • Dept Code - The department code for this department

  • GL Code - The general ledger code assigned to this department

  • Status - The department status, active or inactive

  • Address - The address for this department

  • City - The city for this department

  • State - The state for this department

  • Zip - The zip code for this department

  • Phone - The phone number for this department

  • Email - The email address for this department

To access the department file start Comm One and select EDIT / DEPARTMENT FILE.  You can also click the small dialog with a question mark "?" to the right of the department field on the main screen to bring up the department file.

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how to select department file from main screen
Department file maintenance screen

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FAQ-1621 Department File Maintenance

Updated 02-29-2024

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