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Avaya IP Office

FAQ-1689 Avaya IP Office Set # of Records to Buffer

The "Records to Buffer" field is used to specify how many records the IP Office phone system can store before calls are overwritten.  You should set this field to the highest number possible.  On most IP Office Systems, 3000 is the maximum number of records you can buffer.  This buffer feature is nice in cases where you lose your network overnight, or the computer that is capturing your call records crashes.  In these cases where calls cannot be captured, the phone system will buffer the records in the phone system and will dump them once the PC connects to the phone system again.


In cases where your phone system buffers over 3000 records, the oldest records in

the buffer are lost and the 3000 most recent records are buffered.

Configuration screen for SMDR for Avaya IP Ofice


  1. Start the IP Office Manager and go to the SYSTEM Menu

  2. On the right side of the SYSTEM menu select SMDR

  3. Cursor down to the RECORDS TO BUFFER field

  4. Set the buffer to the highest number possible which is 3000 on most IP Office systems.

  5. Then Save and MERGE your settings.



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FAQ-1689 Avaya IP Office - Set # of Records to Buffer

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/03/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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