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Avaya IP Office


     Here are a list of the SMDR data fields that you can capture

from an Avaya IP Office telephone system.


  1. DATE:  Start date of the call 

  2. DURATION:  Length of the call 

  3. LOST/FAILED CALL:  Will show a duration of 00:00:00

  4. RING DURATION:  Ring time in seconds

  5. CALLER: Extension for an outbound call or caller id for an incoming call

  6. CALL TYPE:  I for inbound, O for outbound

  7. CALLED NUMBER: Digits dialed for outbound call, Dialed number for incoming (DNIS)

  8. DIALED NUMBER:  Dialed # on outbound calls

  9. IS INTERNAL:  Indicating if part of the call is internal (extension to extension)

  10. CALL ID:  Unique Identification number assigned by IP Office

  11. CONTINUATION: 1 if call is transferred, 0 if call does not continue

  12. DEVICE 1: Extension, Trunk, or Voice mail that originates the call

  13. DEVICE 1 NAME:  Name of device 1

  14. DEVICE 2: Extension, Trunk, or Voice mail that originates the call

  15. DEVICE 2 NAME:  Name of device 2

  16. HOLD TIME:  Amount of time call was on hold

  17. PARK TIME: Amount of time call was parked during this call.




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FAQ-1663 Avaya IP Office - SMDR Output Fields

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/03/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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