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FAQ-1006- error
no caller id

Error - No Caller ID Showing on Call Records


Comm One Call Accounting can capture inbound Caller ID, also known as ANI. This information is stored with the inbound call information and allows you to see on your reports where your inbound calls come from. If you are seeing caller id when you answer an inbound call, then your system is already configured to do this.

For Caller ID to work properly it has to be enabled in a number of places including:

  1. TRUNKS: Your Inbound Trunks need to be enabled to send Caller ID. Not all types of trunks are able to send this information. Please check with your communications carrier that provides your trunking to see if Caller ID can be enabled.

  2. PHONE SYSTEM: On some phone systems you need to indicate in the phone system programming that caller id is enabled on your inbound trunks.

  3. SMDR SETTINGS: On some phone systems you can have caller id enabled, but you still don't see the caller id on the SMDR call records. Many phone systems have different output formats for the call records. Some of these formats include caller id, some don't. Make sure the SMDR format you have selected shows the caller id information.

  4. CALL ACCOUNTING: Last we have to configure the Call Accounting software to recognize and report back the caller id.

If any of these items are configured incorrectly, then you won't see caller id on your Comm One Call Reports.

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FAQ-1006 Error - No Caller ID Showing on Reports

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/10/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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