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FAQ-1254 error
windows defender

Windows Defender Deletes Files

Anti-Virus programs deleting files are a common problem and not unique to Comm One.  A program or file can mimic algorithms that some anti-virus programs use to identify a virus or a malicious piece of software.


While we don't run across this problem very often, some anti-virus programs see our software running at the same time every day and sending an email every day at the same time as a virus.  Usually, it's our email automation utility that runs at the same time each day and sends email reports that occasionally ends up looking suspicious to some anti-virus programs.  
     If this is happening on your Comm One System, you can get around this by adding 
our folder to the Exclusion list on your anti-virus software.  This will prevent the deletion of files and should keep your software running well.

How to add a program or file to Windows Defender Exclusion List

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FAQ-1254 - Windows Defender Error

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/19/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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