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Error 1705 File Open Error

     Error 1705 indicates that you are trying to open a Comm One file that is already open. Here are some of the reasons you may be receiving this error and how to resolve them.



  1. CALL ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE ALREADY OPEN:  If you attempt to start the Comm One Call Accounting Software when it is already running you will receive the error 1705 which indicates that the system is already running.

  2. TOOLBOX OR MAIL SETUP UTILITIES ARE OPEN: If any other Comm One Utilities are running they can trigger the 1705 error when you try to start Comm One

  3. CALL PROCESSING IS RUNNING:  If your Call Processing Script is currently running, it can trigger the error 1705

  4. AUTOMATED TASK IS RUNNING:  If you have scheduled automated Comm One processing scripts in the Windows Task Scheduler, and those tasks are currently running, then you will receive an error 1705 if you attempt to open Comm One Call Accounting Software.


Here are the steps to resolve error 1705:


  1. Close ALL programs running on your computer.

  2. Locate the Comm One Call Accounting Software Folder on the desktop.

  3. Locate the UTILITIES Folder.

  4. In the UTILITIES folder locate the CHECK INDEXES shortcut.  Double-Click it and follow the prompts to check your system indexes.

  5. Close all the folders and then restart the Comm One Call Accounting.  The error 1705 should be resolved.

  6. If the first 5 steps don't solve the issue, then REBOOT the computer and then run the 5 steps above again.

  7. If none of these steps work, please Contact Comm One Technical Support


Check index utility to resolve file open error 1705

Comm One Call Accounting Software

Technical Support

PO Box 759 | 1390 E Meadow Valley Dr

Draper, UT  84020

(800) 771-9182

FAQ-1050 - Error 1705 File Open Error

Posted: 02/02/2017

Updated: 06/16/2020

Author: Comm One Technical Support

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