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Installing and Configuring Comm One Auto Email Report Apps

Posted by Robert Edwards on

In addition to being able to run Comm One Call Accounting Reports manually, you have the ability with our software to schedule reports to run automatically and be sent by email.   To see a list of report files you can automate by email you can REGISTER FOR DOWNLOAD (Only your email address is required), and then you will be taken to the Download Page.  That page shows a list of Report Apps that you can automate.  To configure the reports here is what you do.  If you run into problems don't worry, with your Support Agreement we are here to assist you.  Download the APPS you want to install and save them to the c:\ca2015 directory on your PC.  It is OK to overwrite any APPS that already exist there.

1. EMAIL ACCOUNT:  First you will need an email address to use for the report automation.  If you have a current Support Agreement we will provide you with an account on our domain.  If you do not have an email account to use please CLICK HERE to request one.

2. SET UP EMAIL:  Next you will launch the MAIL SETUP Utility located in the Comm One Software Folder.  To receive reports each morning for the previous day set up that screen as shown below except you will put your actual email address on the first email line.  You can include up to 8 different email addresses.

Next you will select SETUP on the bottom right menu bar to set up your email account.  You will enter the email settings we provide you with, or you can use your own email account if it uses PLAIN AUTHENTICATION and allows relay on your Mail Server.  The Login Name and SMTP From are usually the same and usually need to contain full email addresses.  When you are done please exit the email setup utility.

Next you can test your email account settings from the main MAIL SETUP window by clicking on TEST NOW and following the prompts.  You will either see a message that the email is configured correctly or you will get an error message.  If you get an error message please CONTACT US and we can assist you with that.

The last step is to set up the email automation using the APPS that you downloaded in step 1 above. To access task scheduler there should be an icon for it in your Comm One Software folder if we set up your system, or you can go to CONTROL PANEL then ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS then TASK SCHEDULER.

Once in the Task Schedule select CREATE BASIS TASK from the menu at the right.

6. When prompted for the task name enter "COMMONE - " plus the name of the report you are setting up, then select NEXT

7. Select DAILY then NEXT, and specify the time for the task.  The other maintenance tasks for Comm One run starting at 3am and usually finish by 6:30.  Any report apps that you schedule should start at 7am.  If you schedule more than one you should put at least 15 minutes between apps so that they have time to finish before the next app starts.

8. On the ACTION screen select START A PROGRAM and select NEXT

9. Next you will put the name of the Report App you are scheduling on the PROGRAM/SCRIPT line.  This is the same as the name of the APP .EXE file that you downloaded.  (DOWNLOAD LINK)

Program/Script:  Name of the .EXE file you are running.  Should start with c:\ca2015

Arguments:  Leave blank

Start In:  You need to type the path:   c:\ca2015

Then select NEXT

10. On the next page you need to click on the box that says "OPEN PROPERTIES" so that you can set the task to run under the local system account.  That way the task will run even if you are not logged into the computer.  As long as the computer is on, the task will run.   Then select FINISH and you will be taken to the properties screen for the task.

11. Next select CHANGE USER OR GROUP so that you can specify the local system account.

12. Next click on CHANGE USER OR GROUP and enter SYSTEM.  Then select OK

13. Next select WIDOWS 7 from the CONFIGURE FOR dialog at the bottom, and click the RUN WITH HIGHEST PRIVILEGES check box.  

14. Then select OK and the task is ready to run each day.

15. You can repeat these steps for any other report apps you want to schedule.  Just make sure you use the correct app name, and that your app is in the c:\ca2015 directory.  Also, make sure you don't schedule the report app to run at the same time as another app.

If you have any questions or need assistance with scheduling a report app, please feel free to contact us.

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